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What does it mean to be Australian Certified Organic?

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) is an organisation approved and accredited to act as a certifier in Australia by the national regulator, AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service). To be certified, the product ingredients must be grown and processed without using synthetic chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers, and must not be genetically engineered (non-GMO).  In addition, ACO requires the farming methods to be wholistic and ecologically sustainable. All the certified Essential Organics products passed ACO”s rigorous checks and accordingly , we were awarded certification and use of their widely-recognised ‘BUD’ logo on our packaging.  Every step of the process “from paddock to plate” (quote ACO) is audited according to the Organic Standard before they grant use of the logo.  It is your guarantee of the integrity of our products.

What is your Australian Certified Organic certification number?

Our Australian Certified Organic number is: 10918

Are the Essential Organics Australia raw materials ethically and sustainably sourced?

Yes, all our ingredients are of the highest quality, personally sourced by the EO team.  We only use suppliers whose commitment to sustainability includes safe methods of farming, low environmental impact, and a harvest yield that will provide enough for the local community as well as us.

How can I buy Essential Organics products?

You can buy online by clicking on the SHOP tab and making your selection/s.

Why has lactase been added to the Essential Organics Native Whey?

Native Whey is a dairy-based source of protein, made from the milk of grass-fed cows.  Milk contains lactose and some people have an intolerance to it.  Lactase is a natural digestive enzyme that aids the digestion of lactose.  Adding the enzyme to Native Whey ensures that there is no detectable lactose per serve, so it’s easily absorbed and you gain the full benefits of the product. As well, the lactase in your daily serve of Native Whey helps you digest other dairy products in your diet.

Why are there digestive enzymes in Essential Organics Pea and Rice Protein? Is it easily digested?

We have included plant-based digestive enzymes in this formula to help your gut break down the protein more effectively. Plus, the peas undergo EO’s unique process of soaking, sprouting and fermenting before drying, to actively reduce levels of ‘anti-nutritional factors’ such as phytic acid, without denaturing the protein or nutrients. These steps support your digestive system and reduce the incidence of bloating, cramping and flatulence.

Do Essential Organics products contain caffeine?

Our EO Superfood blend contains trace amounts of caffeine, less than 0.03% (2mg) per serve.  It comes from the green tea we use as an antioxidant source.  To put this into perspective, one 100g bar of milk chocolate contains 20mg; one 250ml cup of instant coffee contains 60-80mg; one 250ml cup of percolated coffee contains 60-180mg.

Is the Essential Organics range suitable for the whole family?

The Essential Organics blends are wholefood powders – free from toxic chemicals, including artificial sweeteners and additives – carefully designed to enhance your health.  They can’t take into account any food sensitivities or intolerances you or your family members may have.  We recommend you check the ingredients list or discuss it with your healthcare practitioner before introducing the new product into your daily routine. The nutrients in each serve of your EO product are written clearly on the label and also on our website.  For some of our products, children could need a smaller serve, dependent on their age, gender and body weight.  In Australia, go to the government’s health organisation website (nhmrc.gov.au) to check the Recommended Dietary Intakes.

What is the best way to use the Essential Organics Powders?

The EO wholefood powders are so versatile there isn’t a best way!  You can suit yourself depending on your mood.  Enjoy them… Stirred into water or milks, like rice or almond…Mashed into banana or yoghurt…Added to your favourite smoothie…Sprinkled over your cereal or porridge…Cooked in sweet or savoury meals. Check out our Recipes section for more inspiration.

What is the best way to store my Essential Organics products?

We recommend you refrigerate your products after opening; always use a dry spoon and reseal after each use.  If you have Superfood or Super Greens, use up within 60 days of opening.  If you have Pea & Rice or Native Whey, use up within 90 days of opening.