Friends Of Essential Organics

The Essential Organics range originally came about by a desire to strive for excellence. We in turn would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our Ambassadors, who also strive for excellence in their own fields. We would like to thank them for embracing, supporting & promoting our Essential Organics Products:


Cassandra Law  NUTRITIONIST (BHSc NUTRITION), HEALTHY COOK & BLOGGER Cassandra has always been passionate about nutrition, from a young age Cassie would spend time in the kitchen cooking and creating healthy nourishing meals. Cassie now has a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine and uses the Essential Organics range to inspire others through her healthy recipes on her blog Green Brick Road Health. Cassandra has a special interest in sports nutrition and digestive health. Encouraging others to reach their health goals by incorporating healthy food and lifestyle choices into their daily routine. Click here to be inspired by Cassandras delicious recipes and learn how to use the Essential Organics range in a new exciting way.