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Super Snacks & Lunchbox Ideas

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  • A Supergreens slice packed with organic and nourishing ingredients

    Super Greens Slice w Cacao Icing

    A healthy hit of Chlorella, Spirulina, Barley, Wheat & Alfalfa Grass all in the one Essential Organics Super Greens blend! Blended

    Super Snacks & Lunchbox Ideas
    20 MINS
  • raspberry & cacao protein muffins

    Raspberry & Cacao Protein Muffins

    These muffins make for a great post workout or afternoon snack. Made with Essential Organics 70/30 Pea & Rice protein

    Super Snacks & Lunchbox Ideas
    40 MINS
  • FullSizeRender

    Essential Organics Native Whey Protein Balls

    These Essential Organics Native Whey Protein Balls are loaded with high quality nutritional ingredients and are the perfect way to

    Super Snacks & Lunchbox Ideas
  • 11693120_10205931333315629_1925059407_n

    Raspberry and Banana Oat Slice

    A yummy combination of ‘bursting with flavour’ raspberries and ‘soft and gooey’ banana all in one delicious slice!  This Raspberry

    Super Snacks & Lunchbox Ideas
    30 MINS
  • coconut anf goji berry bars

    Coconut and Goji Berry Bar

    Here is a recipe for a great snack on the go or as a mid-morning hunger-filler! Made with an array

    Super Snacks & Lunchbox Ideas
    20 MINS
  • Super-Greens and cacao bliss balls
    Super Snacks & Lunchbox Ideas
    10 MINUTES

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