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    Coco Choc Crunch

    There’s nothing easier to make than these Coco Choc Crunch slices!  Crunchy little mouthfuls of sheer indulgence that require No

    Tempting Treats
    15 MINS
  • Carrotcake image

    Fruity Carrot Slice

    This slice gives a new meaning to the 3 R’s – it’s Really healthy, Really yummy and Really easy to make!  Essential

    Tempting Treats
    25 MINS
  • chewy caramel supergreens bites

    Chewy Caramel and Supergreens Bites

    Looking for a great way to enhance your intake of greens? Then why not give this delicious bite sized treat

    Tempting Treats
    20 MINS
  • Raw Blueberry Cheesecake

    Raw Blueberry Cheesecake

    A delicious and nutritious raw blueberry cheesecake that is dairy and gluten free! This cheesecake is a great alternative to

    Tempting Treats
    30 MINS
  • Raspberry and apple crumble

    Raspberry and Apple Crumble

    Are you craving a warm fruity stew with some delicious cinnamon & vanilla crunch? Well then this healthy version of

    Tempting Treats
  • Raw Cacao Goji Berry Slice

    Cacao, Goji Berry EO Superfood Slice

    Looking for a delicious snack or treat to satisfy your sweet cravings? Well here is a decadent HEALTHY slice, incorporated

    Tempting Treats
    25 MINS

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